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Doctor Who Dreaming

I dreamed I met Colin Baker last night and got to tell him that I, at least, adore Doctor Six. (Although I don't seem to have my Doctor Six icon loaded just now.) He was very nice. It was otherwise a rather strange dream, what little I remember. It was a party at someone's house and we'd been helping with cleaning up for it, I think. I knew everyone within the dream but have no clue who any of them were now.

Plus it was raining in the dream. Ah, rain. I can't remember when it's ever been this hot and this humid without hardly a drop in the center of town. It's miserable outside.

So anyway, last night we showed Steve The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon, since he hadn't seen those yet (I think I've watched those about five times now; still love 'em), and now am watching Doctor One flirting with companion Vicki in The Time Meddler, the randy old man. Doctor One is awesome. So, too, is Vicki. A smart, competent companion.
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