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Today they tore down an old building behind my gym that's been empty since the 80's, when it was a high-end nightclub. They found human skeletal remains underneath. (This is also the same parking lot of the Town & Country Mall, which houses not only my gym, but also our Trader Joe's, the old Ed Debevic's (a diner we used to eat at), several restaurants we frequent, used to house our Bookstar, the Jutenhoops, and the second-run movie theatre (all sadly closed now), and is located about five minutes from our house. They don't know yet how old they are or, of course, who it might be. I mean, I drive by there pretty much all the time, since the parking garage for the gym is right there. Kinda freaky!

I cooked up some rice, sliced some salmon, and made nigiri for dinner. NOM! Unfortunately I was out of pickled ginger and cucumbers (so no sunomono), but we made due with nice miso soup and sugar snap peas!

At the risk of sounding silly, I saw God up here:

That's at around 13,000 ft, crossing the Cinnamon Pass.

I miss the mountains. The closest we've come in years was the trip to Sedona.

(Hoping I don't jinx myself) I appear to have lost eight pounds (i.e., the original four plus four more this week). Hopeful squee.

On the gripping hand, I didn't get to said gym today, because I had to run to the bank, suddenly realizing if I DIDN'T, a couple of charges would go through and make me very unhappy.

There are three movies I would like to see while they're still in theatres. Have to organize and get ourselves to see Deathly Hallows and I do want to see Cowboys & Aliens (I've heard mixed reviews, but dangit, the 'cowboys &' is at least the first part of my own website -- plus, Harrison Ford), and yes, Winnie the Pooh, and not just because Craig Ferguson is the voice of Owl.

This: Anyway, let's stick to what's relevant today: taxes, spending and the U.S. economy. According to Congressional Budget Office projections, had the nation maintained the fiscal course the Clinton administration laid out, the national debt everybody rants about would have been retired by 2009. (Full article here
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