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Still not doing anything useful

Okay, have puttered around some more on the computer, a little editing on Nightwalker, but haven't posted anything new just yet; watching last week's Craig Fergusons (I fell so far behind I actually had to delete a couple of episodes, sob; but now I'm almost caught up completely).

This was taken on a trip me and Barb took with sillymagpie several years back:

I liked this one, with the tree that obviously started off small and then shoved the tombstone up as it grew...

I had to realize, going through these pics, that in the days of film I was a lot more circumspect about which tombstones I actually took pictures of!

Not to hint or anything, but my birthday is coming up...

Why do cats not understand weekends? I keep telling Silly it's not time for him to eat, because it's hours yet until I normally get home from work, but he's not getting it.

I rather liked this one, which looked like they just carved the epitaph on a boulder:

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