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I can't believe I'm up this early on Sunday

Well, it's getting later. But the animals seemed to want me out of bed, so I was forced to drag myself out and feed the cats and watch the dog's great agonies as he was locked in his crate for the duration of time it took said cats to eat.

This rocks:

I want to see a whole concert with them now.

Last night we went to the Phoenix Airport to spend a very nice evening with green_maia, which was very nice! We had a grand time, just having sandwiches and chatting about everything we could think of, from the real world to Babylon 5, while she was on a four-hour layover going home from CA. Anything that makes a layover that long go by faster!

I cleaned off my desk yesterday after I bought myself a brand-new Terabyte drive to back up this computer on, but before I could get that going, I found my old computer, turned it on, and realized, DUH, the scanner works on that one, so, I spent the afternoon scanning some old pictures, so now I have some to post!

This was taken back in February, when Mom and I went for the George Strait concert and Super Bowl party:

I love doing this so much I don't even mind how heavy I look...

So of course I still need to set up the new drive and do the backups, but at least I got that much done!

This picture was taken in 1998, before the Beaumont was bought and fully restored (I read an article about it) -- I'm dying to get back up there to see the restoration and actually go inside:

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