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A Post! It's a Post!

Actually, Barb's mom, but I call her mom, too:

She collects Phoenix Bird china. She has like a billion pieces. It's awesome.

YAY, tomorrow is Friday.

I'm actually liking the working early/working out in the afternoons thing again; it's been years since I did it this way, but seriously, the early morning hours go by so fast and then it seems like the whole day is free, even after a workout. Not that I did a lot today; just a few weights and then the treadmill at a good incline (4.0). I seem to be getting back into a more reasonable shape (i.e., less lumpy), but still can't seem to drop any actual weight. I keep looking at the picture I put of myself on my Twitter home page and wondering what in the hell happened to me (menopause)...

I need to increase the amount of time spent on the weights, but this gym is a LOT more crowded than my old (crappy) one was, and it's hard to get some of the better machines. :P

Churro on the back of the couch, looking out the window:

When we go to New York, we MUST go to this bar. This is an absolute MUST.

OMG, it's only SIX WEEKS AWAY!!!

And this link is courtesy typographer, who Tweeted it. I laughed, and cried a little... (Seriously, is the median age of the American Congress six?)

Bo. On the grass:

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