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I get to sign in and post!

I understand from cornerofmadness that LJ was hacked, and that was the cause of the problem, but still, it's danged frustrating. I know I should migrate over to Dreamwidth, but I'm COMFORTABLE here, dammit. All my virtual friends are here.

I've been grousing because I can't figure out why it is the Tea Party appears to be running the entire country. A loud-mouthed minority of hating haters get really noisy and suddenly the entire federal government is dancing to their tune. Pull up your big-girl panties, Congress, and raise some taxes! I don't care how much Boehner cries! And I REALLY don't give a flying fuck what Michelle Bachmann says -- I'd love to tell her that being gay is only sad when I have to listen to her talk.

I had a dream a while back of the new(ish) car I want, and after a search of the Interwebs I see if doesn't come in the color I dreamed it in (a Nissan Cube, sapphire blue). Maybe I can find one close when I can actually start really thinking about buying -- which will be probably another year, provided old Silver can keep on rolling (she's doing a fine job thus far, really).

Of course I can't post any pictures right now, which is going to put me even further behind, but that's okay, since I haven't been taking too many (it really is hugely hard to get out and get artistic with photography when it's a squajillion degrees outside).

On the plus side, Rosanne Cash answered another one of my Tweets. She's so cool.

And I have been writing, which is due to diligence and some assistance from sillymagpie, who has been coming over on Tuesdays for a Writer's Night, when I actually turn off the television and we WORK. I'm not saying that Nightwalker is great literature, but it's getting me working, at least, and finally thinking of ways to put Ring of Fire back together, but I need to update my list of genre-friendly agents. It's been such a long time since I actually submitted... *is bad*

Despite working out and eating well (and a lot less), I not only cannot lose any weight, I seem to have GAINED BACK the three pounds I'd lost. *bitch, whine, grumble*

Hopefully eventually I'll catch pictures up. I sort of really blew this meme, I guess...
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