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I Swear to God I Used to Know How to Bake

I followed the recipe, it's one I've used before, it's usually produced rather excellent oatmeal cookies, but today I got what appear to be those lacy cookies you get at Christmas. At least they taste good, but dammit, what the hell?

So yesterday, I hit the gym after work and because I seemed to have extra energy, I did some extra work, weights and extra time on the ellipsis.

Then I get home and we had a delivery -- you see, last week we lucked into two full palettes of paving stone for our backyard patio dreams for an absolute steal of a price because they had been returned by the persons who had originally ordered them. Super, super cheap. But when the palettes were delivered, it was realized there was no way in hell they were going to get them through our narrow back gate. Crap. The delivery man left them by the gate, and later, when it was "cooler" (ha ha, it doesn't get cooler in Phoenix at night, that's the real joke of summer time anymore), we got out the wheelbarrow and started moving stones.

Fortunately for us, our very kind next-door neighbor saw us as he was coming home from work and came to help, making the task only take an hour or so instead of well into the night, as it probably would have done if he hadn't. So I have spent the day feeling worn and achy after a night of worn achiness (and cats and dogs), but manged to make onigiri, flat-assed cookies, gotten some laundry done, and cleaned the bathroom floor. Go, me.

This is what we put up last weekend:

Now my cat is yelling at me. I should feed him.
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