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How is it I always forget

What it was I was going to bitch about when I finally get a chance to sit down to the computer and post?

So I guess it's time for some pointless junk. First, a picture:

This is the Congregational Church Barb's mom used to belong to, and we often went to services there:

Politics of the church aside, I always liked the flamboyantly gay minister, and it's really a lovely building.

Then, a Video For Geeks:

Then another picture:

This awesome looking condo building on Central is actually new construction, made to LOOK like it's over a hundred years old. It's been put up within the last decade (possibly even since the light rail went through - it certainly wasn't there when Barb and I lived a few blocks from here at 10th and Palm).

It's the Phoenix light rail you see in the foreground.

My truck was originally purchased in July. July is obviously a good time to buy a vehicle, since it's halfway from Christmas in both directions, but in Arizona it means when your tags are due and you have to go through your emissions test, it means twenty minutes or more sitting in an idling car waiting to be tested (which makes me wonder how good emissions tests ARE for the environment)...

Waiting in line...

I haven't updated my writing blog, I've been trying desperately to finish my critiques (which were originally due in June but the deadline was pushed to August, but I still want to get them done), and somehow the days are ripping past without me accomplishing very much. (Well, I did manage to get emissions done -- I passed, which pleases me for my 23-year-old truck; and I've been to the gym twice.)

I have gotten myself addicted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but since Bill Clinton got all three questions about it right on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, I figure I'm in good company. But on the same channel I discovered an oldie being re-shown, Jem, which, OMG, blast from the past, is like TOTALLY the 80's super-condensed into a 30-minute faux-anime I remember we loved like crazy back then. It's really not bad story-wise, but the animation is dreadful. And SO 80's!!!

OMG. (Sometimes I think parodies of the 80's go overboard, then I see something like this and think, "No, that's really the way we were!")

It's 9 pm and still 102 outside. Yes, this is Phoenix. I hope it breaks a little on Saturday, since we'd like to break ground on our backyard patio...

I'm very tired tonight. I hope I can sleep through the night without a cat walking on my alarm clock (the buttons on an iHome are on top, and he is uncanny about being able to turn on the face so the VIBRANTLY BRIGHT light comes on, or he turns on the iPod, or the radio, or worst of all, turns OFF the alarm...) or a dog crawling up on the bad to chew his bone in comfort.
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