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Here Comes the End of Sunday

And while I have accomplished quite a lot this weekend, I have NOT done what I needed to do.

Since a large part of what I have done involved hard physical labor outside in Arizona's monsoon season, I guess it's no surprise that when I came inside, I didn't want to do much of anything except sit on the couch and watch the National Geographic Channel. However, I did steel myself and finish the laundry and cleared some of the stuff out of the closet, filling up one box with things I really don't wear. I was at least somewhat ruthless, although I did keep all my cardigans, including the ones with the snags from A CERTAIN CAT who likes to climb up them to get to the top of the closet (ratsafratsen cat @#%^%$&).

Yeah, don't be fooled.

He uses that rug as either his fort (he bunches it up and hides under it) or as a Fierce Enemy, to be gutted. Fortunately, it so far has proven to be a Very Sturdy Rug.

So I did not do any writing, either updating my blog or writing or reading/critiquing, all of which I had hoped to get done today. I also did not vacuum this weekend or dust.

It looked like it might storm this afternoon, but all the clouds broke up and rolled away. We thought of several Grand Plans for the backyard, but didn't get anything done because of our enemy, the Sun. Why must it be so far north this time of year?

Tomorrow have to start my new schedule; I'm on the early-early now (my supervisor wants some experience there during each shift), so instead of going to the gym before work, I will have to go in the afternoon after work; but I also have to get my emissions test done sometime this week. Thank the gods there's a Third Paycheck this month, or I'd really be up shit creek. I spent every extra cent I had this weekend.

But he's not going to live much longer if he doesn't stop scorning every can of cat food I give him. Danged cat.

I know, I haven't had any interesting pictures lately. I blame the heat.
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