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Freakishly Hot Caturday

We got up early and started Getting Stuff Done around the house; Barb mowed and trimmed the front lawn while I did a load of laundry and washed rice to make onigiri (I freeze it for lunches during the week), then dragged the ladder out front to start putting up the new canopy over the driveway. This required getting out the chainsaw (thank goodness it wasn't stolen) to cut back the tree which was encroaching and was largely responsible for the old canopy sagging under the weight of trees and gods only know how many years' worth of grapefruit. We cut back all the foliage from the tree and the oleander hedge on the other side, got the canopy part-way up and then realized we did need more rope to get it up completely, plus needed to do some other things, so put away the tools and locked the gate (with chain), washed up (the monsoon humidity is kicking up again) and headed out.

First stopped to check out the big clearance sale at a local masonry place, and got ourselves two flats of pavement stones to make our back porch deck into a nice place we can actually use with our new gazebo and the lawn furniture we have on layaway at Sears. Then we went for cat food (the weekly necessity), stopped for a little lunch at home, and back out to Ace Hardware for the rope to finish the car port and then to Tuesday Morning to check out curtains for the dining room--found some, and while they're darker than the old cat-destroyed ones, they look very nice, I think.

Finished putting up the canopy, brought in the laundry, decided I was very nearly approaching heat stroke despite all the water I'd been drinking, so came in and drank more water, then took a shower to get cleaned up before finally taking Steve out for his birthday dinner at the "stuff yourself with more food than is strictly wise" Pacific Seafood Buffet, a place framefolly introduced us to while she lived here. Now, framefolly, who is a teeny, tiny, little slip of a thing, could pack more food away than all the rest of us put together at this buffet, but this time we obviously missed her, because I know I ate too much, and I don't think I've EVER seen Steve eat that much in one sitting. Am now a weary beached whale, but oh, the food there is tasty!

And seriously, this is a copy of a painting, made out of flowers:

It was in the atrium of the Bellagio, for their Spring layout. It's one of the few pictures that came out on that roll from the very expensive disposable I bought in the gift shop when I left my good camera in the hotel room. Next time I have to bring my LITTLE camera as well. D'oh.

But I pass it all the time. I think it must have been a house when this was all residential; but it's been a massage parlor for as long as I can remember. It used to have a different name, but it's been Flamingo for some years now. I believe it's a perfectly respectable massage parlor, I just never went there...

I shot this with the disposable while driving by, so I'm pleased it came out so well.

Now I'm grilling up my finished onigiri (yaki) and then I'll freeze them for my lunches this week. Because I have grown old and boring.

I hope I get some writing done tomorrow.
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