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Hooray for the internet

A good friend of mine in West Palm Beach called Mom for me and everything's okay. They were in a motel up north for a couple of days, there's no damage to their place, but the phone service is still out for a while. So that's the good news. Thank goodness for friends met via these wonderful and mysterious computer roadways.

I'm on the final scenes. Will I finish by tonight? It's possible, really possible. I'm on page 346 (WordPerfect), with an end actually in sight. I don't know if this will be any better than I did with the first time I finished a first draft of a possible novel (which has since sat untouched with only one rejection letter), but it does give a sense of accomplishment.

Maybe when I finish, I can finally figure out how to personalize this Journal. And then maybe read some things I keep putting off. :)

Today I raise a glass to the great Johnny Cash. Long may his music live (they haven't even released his last album yet).
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