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I Made You A Cookie, But I Eated It

The stealthy Churro creeps up on the open cabinet, certain he is not observed. Craftily, he sneaks UNDER the open door and thus the prize is achieved! Entry into the cabinet which is normally closed!

I had to adjust the contrast on this one to show it off better...

Speaking of cats, we decided to try some of that HALO brand cat food, which is supposed to be awesome and natural and all those great things, and it's certainly expensive, but it was roundly disliked by all three cats (even Churro, the feline garbage disposal, won't eat it). I suppose no one told the makers that cats don't LIKE beans and peas and carrots, because there were large chunks of all of those in there; Churro eventually did lick all the chicken away from AROUND the offending veggies, but all in all, I'm going to save my money and get the slightly less expensive all-meat Max Cat, which is pretty much the only food which Silhouette will eat 100% of the time. I think the makers of Halo have the mistaken impression they can make vegetarians out of cats... which doesn't work.

On the other hand, they don't always want to eat meat...

Dude, just shut up already!

And this one's largely for framefolly, if she breezes by:

The dust storm last night wasn't as horrific as the news showed, at least, not here in the center of town -- dirt certainly settled over us (the light was orange for a while), and everything was covered with a fine layer of dust (there was dust covering every parking lot I saw this morning, but at work, which is right next to the river bottom, the parking lot looked like the Gobi Desert - you could barely see the asphalt under all that sand). But we didn't get any rain, and the wind wasn't bad at all where we were at. It sure did look amazing, though.

I am doing nothing useful today. Made Brinner tonight -- French toast from Barb's marvelous apricot bread, hash browns, and chicken sausage. Nom.

No further thoughts. I had a great title for this post, but alas, I forgot it.
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