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Why Do We Have Cats, Again?

And so. I knew that Churro liked to move the curtain out of the way when he sits on the cat platform, because it obscures his view of Venus. And once I caught him HANGING on said curtains. I started moving the drape to one side, or behind the cat condo, in an effort to save the drapery. So on Monday morning, what did I find? The entire right-hand curtain was dragged THROUGH the hole in the condo and several LARGE rips were torn therein.

Churro is very lucky he's so damned cute, because he came close to being DEAD. It's also fortunate we buy most of our very nice things at Tuesday Morning, so these drapes were not as expensive as they originally retailed for.

But they matched the room EXACTLY. *sob*

And that cat condo, but not that cat.

We ended up not going out for fireworks because it was hot and we moved river rock (see rahirah's journal). Watched the Boston Pops, and I don't know if it's because the host changed (not Craig Ferguson anymore) or because it was on a weekend the last two years, but there wasn't nearly as large a crowd there as the last few years I've been watching. But the fireworks were pretty damned awesome. I need to spend a 4th in New England someday, just once.

I watched all of New Who Season One yesterday. I'd forgotten totally how much Doctor Nine rocked. I mean, sure, there are Ten camps and Eleven camps and for some reason they don't overlap much, but everyone liked Nine. As always, I adore whatever Doctor I happen to be watching; but Nine had some amazing stories, as well -- Dalek and Father's Day alone would make the series a superior one, but there's also The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, probably one of the best Doctor Who episodes of all time. And oh, I miss the old Captain Jack, who was fun-loving and resourceful and got laugh once in a while... and to change his clothes. (What IS with the Torchwood Jack always wearing his WWII uniform, anyway?) Doctor Nine carries the pain of the Time War with him, but never forgets he has joy in his life, too.

So that ate up most of the day, other than hauling rocks.

Here he is, before I finally gave up and moved the condo AWAY from the drapes (yeah, I know, the horse has been stolen). Dumb cat.

Someone down the block has bunnies. I see them hopping around in yards as I leave for the gym in the morning. Twice I've seen a little black one, and this morning there were two, the other I couldn't tell the color, but it was spotted. Domestic bunnies, as opposed to the wild cottontails I saw at Applebee's last week.
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