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Hotter Than The Surface of Mercury

It only got up to 111 today, and has just dropped down to around 100. Still, going outside was a trial, even though we managed to get most of what we needed to do done before noon.

We bought a pop-up gazebo/shade for the backyard BBQ area, but on getting it up found it had a broken strut. We returned it this morning to find we were apparently not the only ones who had the same problem with that inexpensive, on-sale item. Well. We just got our money back, and looked at more expensive ones at Sears and got one of those today.

Writing blog has been updated.

Have spent most of the day watching DVDs; finished off the last four episodes of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (so, so very sad they only got one season, although glad they got at least that much -- and they DID wrap up the major story, which I honestly didn't remember), then switched to Classic Who and Doctor Two in The War Games -- my favorite Doctor and two of my favorite companions, the no-nonsense Zoe and the ever-loveable Jamie (looks better in a skirt than all the rest of the Doctor's companions put together. Even Tegan).

Did get one load of laundry done, but it was so hot that hanging up another load just doesn't interest me in the slightest.

Now the wind is kicking up and it's cooling down even further, but the humidity is rising; while 16% doesn't sound like much, you can really, really feel it when the temperature is this high.

Shot from a moving car, so really, not too bad:

I have gotten a bit of new writing done, and I should do some other writing-related things, but Lord, I'm lazy. Thank goodness there's still tomorrow. YAY three day weekends, since I can't believe it's freaking 7:30 already.
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