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All Back To Normal Suddenly

Which makes me happy. Let's see, can I insert an image?

Yes, I can. This is what my comments looked like for a while:

Cluttered, innit? I don't mind LJ doing this for people who want to connect through the other social medias, I understand the business need -- but I want them to keep it optional, since I like LJ the way it is for the purposes I use it for. I'm on Twitter and Facebook for other things and if I want to connect them, I will do so -- but don't shove it in my face.

While poking around, though, I found a couple of people on my F-list who had friended me and I know, so I friended 'em back! YAY.

Since it's early Caturday, and I didn't post day 278 yesterday:

We're off to get our hair cut, then to Costco to get my glasses, and then we'll see! We're having a BBQ this afternoon -- have to remember to pick up some Cayenne pepper (making rub and found I'm out!).

Happy 3-day weekend!
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