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I Haz A Sinus Headache

It's been a bit on the low-grade side for a couple of days, not incapacitating, but still -- blah.

This is the very top of the Mandarin Condos/Hotel. I don't think there's a casino in there. It's part of City Center:

So, I was aware that Churro liked to move the curtains aside by the Kitty Condo so he could look out the window. But until I caught him DRAGGING IT OVER THE TABLE WITH HIS TEETH that I realized just how determined he was to move that curtain out of his viewing space!

Danged cat.

I made chowder yesterday utilizing the last of the langoustines, the seafood blend, and some chicken sausages we had left in the freezer. I then added lots of carrots and potatoes and corn, and tt came out very good.

Wow. I would have liked to have seen this; I've seen tintype replicas, in New Mexico, but the original -- wow.

New York, New York:

Yes, Vegas is a strange place.

I've determined that I don't like film cameras much anymore. I've gotten hooked on the automatic gratification. Besides, I can't do anything with the pictures I took until I've finished the entire roll!

I need something to motivate me, to both get my butt out of bed in the mornings to go to the gym, AND to get back to writing again... (Something real, not just my Nightwalker tale.)
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