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Today I Was Tired

I slept until nearly ten, then puttered around for a while (had some tea and toast), then we did the shopping for Barb's mom and I came back to sit around the rest of the day, dozing off watching Craig Ferguson reruns.

This is awesome.

This is the Colorado River Basin, somewhat below the Grand Canyon, viewed from State Route 93 out of Vegas and well above Kingman, just below the Hoover Dam. Early explorers got to this area, and the Grand Canyon itself, and wrote in their journals, "nothing of value here," and went on. It's the most beautiful country in all the world...

So, bonus shot from the same area:

They're blurry at the front because we were in a car going roughly 70 MPH.


Have not touched Diet Coke all day today. What an accomplishment!

So now am drinking wine and watching some more Brisco County Jr.. This show rocked like a rocking thing. Seriously.


Will I stop being tired? That is the question...
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