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Trying to Write, Trying to Clean

Today I set out and cleaned some of the things, including the horror that is my closet. I got a lot of things cleared out, rearranged, vacuumed, and dusted; I need to get in there with a box and clear out some of the old video tapes that are stored on the bookshelves in there that I've replaced on DVD, maybe get rid of some of the books I'm sure I'm not going to read again (perhaps the "Cat Who..." books, which started good but got really bad in later years--the last one I read the murder "mystery" was sort of an afterthought, as though the author reached page 150 and remembered she was supposed to be writing a mystery).

Even in the air conditioning, I've been sweating like mad; it's reached HOT time in Phoenix, and now it will stay HOT for a long while, I'm sure. It'll be 113 most of this week. *gasp*

I got another chapter up: The Nightwalker, Part V.

A couple of weeks ago, while winding through the traffic and construction barriers on 32nd Street and Thomas, Barb ended up in the rightmost lane, and proceeded through the intersection. I commented that it wasn't allowed, because there was a clear "Right Turn Only" sign there. She denied it. I took a picture the next day:

Okay, it's a temporary sign only during the construction, but it's THERE. So I'm a smart ass. :D

I think I'll fry up what's left of the bacon to go with the burgers for tonight. Not sure what else we have, but I know Barb's gotten some salads out there on the table. Nom.
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