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I'm posting in my journal, following tweets, watching The Daily Show on TV and the live feed of the NY Senate, all at once. Of course, these are all sedentary tasks, which is because I am too weary to rise and do anything useful.

The Diamondbacks won tonight, making 7 away games in a row, which is BEYOND awesome for my 'Backs! (We haven't done that since 2002, apparently.)

Marriage equality just passed 33-29! How wonderful! Only 44 states to go!

Rosanne Cash answered my Tweet. She's so cool. :)

The MGM Mascot presides over the corner of Tropicana and Las Vegas Boulevard:

New Maru Vid -- at least, it was new to me. I got a kick out of it, anyway; but I couldn't figure out how to embed from this site...

I like the new Evo ad which advertises the speed of its phone by saying "you can now upload EVEN MORE CATS!" They understand the primary importance of the Internets, apparently. :D

Today I had my mid-year performance review and was roundly complimented by my new supervisor for my speed, assistance, and other coolness. *preens*

Am sad to hear about Peter Falk, though. I can't remember a time when I didn't love him on TV or in the movies. The original In-Laws has to be one of the greatest comedies ever made, and largely because he was in it. So now I have to watch it again.

I don't remember if we ever got a chance to indoctrinate framefolly to this movie... it explains so much about our little group.

Nifty stuff.
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