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Wait a Minute...

I suddenly realized how rapidly this week has gone by. Oops. Haven't done much of anything other than go to work, although I did make onigiri with my brand-new Stitch-shaped onigiri mold. :D I got some different flavors of furikake to toss in with the rice, and they came out pretty tasty. I managed to fold the clothes and clean the cat boxes (and some of the back bathroom where the cats go), but otherwise not too much, and here it is late Thursday night. No, I did not get up and get to the gym today, and tomorrow doesn't look good, either. *yawn*

Lately I've noticed more and more entrepreneurs on the streets in Vegas, making money by wearing costumes and posing for pictures, from guys dressed as storm troopers to Mario & Luigi, showgirls in feathers and this fellow, the Gold Statue man:

The dog is stuffed, but the effect was pretty good! Some of the best performers had really full tip jars, which impressed me since even Vegas is more and more plastic and less and less cash... (slot machines today feed out slips of paper you change for real money, not coins anymore.)

I have to see if I get up a little energy this weekend; I'd like to bake the spice cake that is on this month's calendar, and write a REAL review of queenofattolia's jams. With that in mind, I shall to bed and sleep, then see what the morrow brings!
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