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On An Ordinary Sunday

I meant to post yesterday, but the trip home always takes longer than I expect.

We hit the pool Sunday morning, which was nice, and then puttered around for a while before going to see the matinee of Menopause: The Musical, which was cute but not as much a musical as I expected but more a series of filk songs about menopause, which was amusing at first but I think got old after about an hour or so. At least the cast was good, including Paige O'Hara (yeah, the one who voiced Belle), so the singing was amazing, and the story was cute.

Then we stopped at New York New York for dinner at Nine Fine Irishmen, which is a pretty decent little pub, where they did a nice job of making it LOOK like an old-world building... although the busts above the mantle looked eerily like the Haunted Mansion -- I half expected them to start singing; alas, the lighting wasn't very good, and pictures just didn't come out very well:

I tried to get a better picture, but the lighting was really too low, and they were too far away for flash.

I did stop at the drug store and got those ear plugs, and that made for at least one good night's sleep--although I'm not used to hearing the inside of my own head being so loud; it took a few minutes to stop hearing my own breathing!

Overall, a pretty good trip. Mostly we played the slots, and I actually managed a couple of good wins -- almost $700 on one, but since it was Mom's money, it went right back into the machines in order to build up our comps for future trips!

This is what we looked at as we left our room and headed for the elevators:

Then the trip back was mostly uneventful; we stopped at a little diner in Boulder City for breakfast after getting an early start, and actually were on the road to Hoover by ten. It was a steady drive, only a few stops and then home, but we didn't pull into Phoenix until after three, anyway; got home about 3:20. Mom took us out to dinner at Golden Buddha and got herself lost heading back across town, but finally got back to Tucson safe and sound, and flew back to Florida today as I went back to work.
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