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Friday, off to Vegas

So yesterday Mom and I drove up; it was an uneventful drive, except when we reached I-40. About two miles past the junction from 93, we saw this:

Fortunately, since we were going the other way, we were able to only observe it; we passed by what appeared to be a tanker truck which had burned, but the fire was already out. I checked when we got to the room and found that it was a propane truck that caught fire (the article didn't say how), no injuries, but it closed I40 for some hours. It was backed up all the way to Kingman, some 12 miles. And seriously, there's no other way to go up there, so those folks were STUCK.

So we got checked in and it really is obvious Mom's no longer the high roller she was -- we're in a tiny little room stuck in the lower back area of this side tower, and there's not even a flatscreen TV in here, plus it's RIGHT NEXT to the janitor's closet and the walls are thin as paper, but hey, it's mostly free (comps), so what can I say?

This is the view:

We're looking across the street at New York New York (specifically, the Chrysler Building), and I still have never figured out what that green glass roof covers. I thought it might be the Grand Garden Arena, but I don't think it's in the right place. I have to do more exploring, but it's hard when Mom's with me.

Was dead tired last night, though, so went to bed early(ish); our floor is VERY noisy, though. I think there's at least four newlywed couples down our hall and several other young partiers. Mom slept through it all, but I kept waking up. Thin walls, as I mentioned.

Will cover Saturday later, since it's now late and I'm tired.

Oh, and before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the marvelous fenchurche, who has been a wonderful friend!!! **HUGS** and happy day! (Even if it is almost over!)
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