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Good morning!

I have to keep reminding myself that today is indeed Wednesday, which means I need a lottery ticket. Like laughingmagpie says, $1 for hope isn't that expensive. I'm stalled on days because of Labor Day, which blurred so neatly into a completely wasted Sunday it didn't really exactly feel like a three-day weekend.

Okay, not completely wasted. I =almost= have that first draft done. I have at least three more scenes that have to be done from scratch, and the written scenes have to be integrated smoothly, and it'll be at least reasonably done. But I'm once again stuck with a buttload of reviews, again because an "essential" has come up and I'm the only reviewer at About who knows the legends (such is the sad state of country music). So it's Willie Nelson this week; fortunately for me, I have a lot fewer of his albums. But I also have to finish another Robert Earl Keen and Jack Clements. Yikes. I was going to do them last night, but Della and Sean Patrick wanted me to finish their final sex scene. What could I do?

Gad, Joe Arpaio won the Republican nomination even with the entire state backing his opponent. Looks like Maricopa County's own little scourge of possible criminals everywhere will probably continue; I don't know if Robert Ayala or W. Steven Martin will be able to beat him in the general if Dan Saban couldn't in the primary.

Most of the Democrats were running unopposed, so my primary ballot was distinctly uninteresting.

My favorite eBay store has closed and I don't know why. I'm bummed. Not that I can afford any new shirts; I realized my stupid car insurance is due this month, so I don't have any extra, anyway. I did manage to get in a good bid on Babylon 5 Season 4, though, so that should arrive soon from Hong Kong. Thank goodness for the Chinese imports -- I've gotten Seasons 1-4 for approximately $10 more than just one season would have cost at Costco, even. The only problem with them is I haven't been able to access the Easter Eggs; oh, well. It's the series I really wanted.
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