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Week in Rapid Review

Overtime. All overtime, all the time. Worked until 6 pm on Monday, was back in at 6 am Tuesday, had to leave early Tuesday for an eye doctor appointment (I need new glasses, new readers, and new computer glasses. Argh), back at 6 am to 6 pm Wednesday, 6 am this morning, early home because Mom came to town, then early tomorrow and off early so we can head out to Vegas.

Haven't even had time to upload any pictures. So that'll have to be picspam later.

Last night around 8 I went suddenly from "the house is tidy" to "OMG I LIVE IN A PIGSTY!" This was due to the sudden realization that my mother would be in town, and while I am not by any means a horrible housekeeper (not GOOD, mind you, but not appalling), my mother is a weird tidy freak of cleanliness, not merely some queen of clean, but the SUPREME HIGH GODDESS OF CLEAN. My brother was likewise fanatically tidy, and even Dad was rather astoundingly organized. I don't know where I came from. So I went into a frantic tidy-everything mode that lasted into the morning, so I got to work this morning and realized I'd forgotten to bring along my breakfast, so I ate M&Ms. Healthy, yes, indeed.

Tonight Mom took us out to eat at Asi Es La Vida, a delicious Central American place, and now I'm charging my iPod and considering sleep. A lot of sleep.

Photos later.
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