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And Cap it all off with a Lazy, Lazy Sunday

So yesterday I actually did manage to clean the entire floor, including steam mopping and everything, although I found my ordinary mop-with-onboard-cleaning-fluid had broken and was no longer fill-able. At least the steamer is still working. So with that much done, we got our shopping out of the way (Costco and Trader Joe's), then had a fruit-and-cheese type dinner (yummy stuff).

Today did pretty much nothing; took care of Mom's shopping and a few things for her, then came home and watched animated movies all day (am watching Ponyo now -- the story of what happens when you give a 5-year-old amazing cosmic powers), and then having watched all this Japanese animation, we had to have Sushi, so we decided to try a little hole-in-the-wall place near here which has some good reviews online, and found it's a terrific little joint! Tried fresh wasabi for the first time (OMG, NOM), had wild-caught salmon and raw shrimp and everything was amazingly good. Since we sat right at the bar, one of the chefs kept handing us things to try, including a really delicious appetizer, chopped veggies and crab on crisp wonton, the fresh wasabi, and a citrus relish that was amazing on yellowtail. All good stuff.

Did not get to the Asian market. Will have to do that sometime this week, if I get a chance.

Barb made this back in school, I believe it's bronze. Her mom keeps after us to get something to hang it on, but it weighs like twenty pounds or something...

So, on the whole, lazy Sunday for the win.
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