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Once Upon A Livejournal Entry

It's been a busy week, filled with a lack of sleep but workouts nonetheless. *iz good*

So except for Wednesday morning, I've managed to get in and get in a real workout, and get to work on time, and guide my team through clearing out all our work (and doing a bang-up job) -- on the whole, pretty sweet. Not a whole lot else, though.

So, pictures.

This little fellow has been hanging out in the yard, with his exasperated mother trying to get him to leave the nest, already (he's obviously old enough to fly, but doesn't seem to want to, yet). Fortunately, the orange cat who hangs out in our yard hasn't gotten him yet.

This is one of the glyphs on the overpass at the 202 and 40th Street:

In downtown Tempe, at the very height of the housing bubble, two of these towers were built. With the promise of hundreds of wealthy condo dwellers moving in shortly, businesses opened in the lower floors, and just before completion...

The developers went belly-up, the bubble burst, and these two towers stood empty. The businesses folded, and discussions started about what to do with these empty shells. Worst case was that they were simply going to be demolished.

Then just a couple weeks ago they were bought again, and this developer is smart, and is going to make these into high-rise apartments, a hotel, and bring back the businesses. So, yay.

This place has, hands-down, the best wings in Phoenix:

And a very nifty storefront. It's a total dive, a real live greasy spoon, the original Long Wong's, and I need to get a better shot of the front, but the sun was at the wrong angle.

This lives a few blocks over and south of us. It has bright yellow figs, a different variety from ours:

It's the Good Neigh-Bear! (Yes, if you have figured out where I work, I know, it's a terrible pun, but hey, what can I tell ya?)

Watching Kung Fu Panda. It's not bad, really, but it's just kinda ordinary and honestly, just plain derivative (Ian McShane as the villain sounds like he's trying hard to do Miguel Ferrer in Mulan -- I never guessed it was Mcshane). And seriously, much like the line-drawn animation on the credits in Tangled, the line drawn work in the opening and closing credits is FAR superior to the stupid 3-D computer crap in the middle. I sometimes wish Pixar hadn't made computer animation so damned popular, they're the only ones who seem to do it right. I was also kinda irritated that Po is just SO damned dumb and still miraculously the "Chosen One." He should have had something going for him other than being fat, like, well, some character or something. At least in the Karate Kid the boy had to learn a thing or two.

Wildfires in Arizona. What can I say? It's always horrible when parts of the state burn (and it does happen alarmingly frequently), but this is just so close to so many little towns! On a personal level, it always seems to hit these places I never got a chance to see, the border mountains up around Greer, we just never got up that way...

I finally got a chance to snap a shot of a saguaro, not really in bloom anymore, but with fruit starting to come out:

And now to bed. Finally Friday!
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