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It's not really June 1

I lost a day somewhere, as I was laboring under the illusion that yesterday was May 31. Hence my hurry to post best wishes to framefolly, whose birthday is in fact today. Silly me.

So my new vacation didn't arrive (it will tomorrow), so I didn't put in my requests, although it was the first OFFICIAL day in my new position.

In re-watching The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. after all these years, I am struck by how freakin' expensive this show must have been to produce, making me amazed it was allowed 27 episodes to begin with -- of course, FOX was young in those days and it let shows actually work a little before giving up on them. I wonder if Firefly been done in the mid-90's it would have gotten more than 13 episodes.

Woke up in the middle of the night thoroughly congested and tried every position I could to try and breathe, until finally Bo coming in and dancing on the bed made me get up and take some decongestant, after which I was able to sleep. I turned off the alarm and didn't get to the gym, and tomorrow will be working overtime, so I hope I can get in a workout or two SOMETIME this week. I have to suck it up and start going more often, and not just on a morning schedule; even after work or on weekends.

Another blurry one, but I like it, anyway.

New chapter is up.
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