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Three Day Weekends Rock

So yesterday did the weekly run to Petsmart for feline chow (since Silly is so very, very picky, we have to get a wide selection of cans that he's willing to eat), then to Safeway, and did something else before coming home to be jealous of the fact that about half the geeks I follow on Twitter are at Phoenix ComicCon this weekend and I simply could not afford to go (stupid emergency room). Ah, well. So Barb made us a delicious Greek salad, I made tahini cookies, and we spent most of the day watching Doctor Who, first the two-parter from last week and this (uhm, no mention of it not being on BBCA this week, right?), and the Doctor Who marathon on BBCA, so about six hours of glorious Eleven. I was pleased that The Almost People made up for last week's Rebel Flesh. I agree with Barb that some good editing would have made it a GREAT stand-alone episode (not enough for a two-parter, really), but Eleven + Eleven = Eleventy!1!!!11! SQUEEE to the max. (Overall, S1 Part One was pretty awesome, with one fun little filler and one less-than-great episode, with an OMG of a cliffhanger to hold us all the way until SEPTEMBER!!!)

Also got all the linens washed, re-made the bed with clean sheets, mopped SOME of the floor, dusted a little, vacuumed the edges (not the rugs yet) and managed not to mope but instead wrote several paragraphs.

Today a bit more active; got the rest of the laundry done (okay, the last load hasn't been folded yet, but it's in off the line), we finally got the new window installed in the back bathroom, and I roasted a chicken on the Weber (came out amazingly delicious).

I finally captured this shot (and I don't even care it's a little blurry):

So now I'm sipping a mojito and listening to the wind outside (it's quite gusty today), and the kids playing basketball across the street. It's actually really nice out for a change, considering how hot it's been the last few days. I have written several more paragraphs and posted another section of A Nightwalker in Impressionist Colors (which, I'll admit, is a grandiose title for a bit of fluff, but at least I have a TITLE) at my blog. I'm thinking about trying another site, since this one lacks a number of simple features I like on LiveJournal, but we'll see. (I'm still in a "trial period.")
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