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To use a tired cliche, another manic Monday...

Last night I drank a lot of hard cider and allowed myself to get to the left of tipsy. This aided me in relaxing my neck muscles, which was the point; but then I stayed up too late, and had that "yucky, I didn't get enough sleep last night" feeling all morning. But my shoulder doesn't hurt today, so the "medicinal quality" of "likker" seemed to work okay.

This is "boring week" at work. My scheduled job is just indexing, and I'm the fastest indexer in the department. As such, we were finished completely by 11:00. "Slowing down a little" isn't really an option -- I like having my records and high numbers for the month; I've only lost that highest position twice since I started in the department. Besides, there are, on any given day, four to six people indexing, and unless the scanning person is way ahead, we're like sharks circling waiting for a bite while a batch to index is completed (scanner scans them; we check them for quality and send them to the policy file they belong to). Okay, so I can get a little competitive.

Driving home was interesting. Every gas station without a line was empty -- yellow tape surrounding the pumps or cones or other ways to block them off to prove them sold out OR they take the numbers off their price marquee -- and every place that did have gas had a line all the way out into the street, blocking traffic in at least two directions and annoying the hell out of people who haven't panicked and gone to make sure their tanks are topped off... which, apparently, a number of people are doing, leaping into "horde mode." To the point where all they need is a couple of bucks to fill all the way up and top off.

I usually fill up every two weeks (on payday). On a normal bi-weekly schedule, I'm usually about a half a tank down. Since I drive a half-ton pickup/suburban, I don't want to ever run the risk of running dry (pushing Barb's Chevy Impala in a Phoenix summer was the heaviest car I ever want to push). But what it means is I can wait it out for three weeks before I absolutely HAVE to fill up. I really don't want to pay over $2 a gallon (and at least one station in the Valley marked up to $3.50!) on a 36-gallon tank...

Michael Nesmith said it best when he said, "There's somethin' funny about the gasoline prices..."

My idiot printer apparently doesn't like me refilling its annoying cartridge. :P This means I need to buy new ones. Fortunately, I found a site that sells "Epson compatibles" for about 1/6th the price! I ordered three for less than ONE would have cost me at Best Buy. I'll still try this stupid refill kit, since I bought it, but so far no luck...
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