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YAY, no overtime tomorrow!

We had at first thought we'd have to work tomorrow, but as the day wound down the bosses decided that we had gotten enough done, and we could rest up for our big upcoming week (holiday weeks always put us a little behind). In the meantime, 3-day weekend!

The Doctor's Real Name Revealed!. Okay, it's just a funny. :D

Last night, as I settled into bed and Barb was still working on her computer, the lights wobbled in and out several times, darkened, came back, and then went out completely. As far as we could tell, there was a swath of darkness about a mile long (from Campbell to Osborne), maybe a block and a half wide (the buildings on this side of the complex across the street were out, but the ones in the back appeared to be on). It was out about twenty minutes or so, and in the meantime -- it was DARK.

As I blundered about the house with a candle, I was struck anew by how generally weenie our first-world generation is, in that we appear to be mostly helpless without electricity. Great men and women of the past created great art, learned great things, wrote great words, and all by candlelight. I am awed and humbled. And a huge weenie.


It really does have lovely flowers:

Although I can't think of which tree this is, it IS a variety of mesquite, in full bloom:

Okay, who are the three guys on the left end? I know the other ten.

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