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Clumzy Caturday

So. Today I set out to cut back the oleanders that often threaten to overwhelm my driveway and my truck, especially when summer starts to arrive--it's a plant which loves warmth and sunshine, and there's been plenty of both (as well as a weird, freak heavy rainstorm... in MAY... in Phoenix). So we're doing standard pruning when we started to become aware that, under the healthy bushes, there is a lot of deadwood. We started pulling dead branches out of the mess of old leaves and pine needles (there's a gigantic Aleppo pine next door). Most of the dead wood was very old and very dead, and it broke off easily and pulled away, bringing lots of the dead matter with it. No problem. Some of the branches were a little tougher, and needed to be broken to get them out.

And then I put some pressure on one that was being recalcitrant. It snapped, and I was jerked forward into another dead stick.

It's only a little swollen, but I have been feeling a little headachey and not really dizzy but not exactly correct most of the day.

And it's sore. So that makes a good Day 239. Ouchie.

No spoilers: Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and while I will freely admit it's not great art, it IS cracking good fun and I enjoyed it as much as the first one. And I don't feel cheated out of any money, seeing three great character actors chewing scenery together was definitely worth the cash! Ian McShane is great; Johnny Depp is, well, as always awesome (Captain Jack Sparrow, can't ask for more); and Geoffrey Rush? Steals this movie just like he did The King's Speech.

Missed the Preakness just like I did the Kentucky Derby, dang it.

Then put together two leftover soups to make a new one (it was yummy), and drank some wonderful Moscato to celebrate the end of the world. Tomorrow I have to do laundry.

Was not thrilled with this week's Doctor Who. Ah, well, can't win 'em all, and this year's been so good so far I can give 'em one klinker. I can only hope part two redeems it.
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