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I really wish I could remember more of my dreams

I remember running from someone I think was a bishop who looked vaguely like James Mason; I was trying to meet up with my mother (who didn't know about the danger) and saving a pretty young damsel in a flowing white nightgown whom I knew in the dream but have no clue who was in real life. I had driven through an indoor mall where there was a lot of nifty Japanese/Asian stuff I wanted to buy, but Mom was standing in line for sushi and I knew she wouldn't want any, so I told her to meet me, and that's when I had to save the girl. We went through a gate and there was a lot of mud. I kinda remember it in sequence. And then I woke up in a puddle of drool on my pillow. Ew.

I think I want that "be a tree" cremation thing that was in cornerofmadness's journal today. That seems about right. Talk about living forever!

I've been more than pleasantly surprised at how quickly my little team of researchers is doing. We rock, totally.
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