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Wait... what? It's Tuesday?

I know, I meant post on Saturday (or even Sunday), but somehow the days got away from me.

Seeking the elusive toy...

So. Reasonably uneventful weekend; did some shopping, some yard work, some laying around watching vids, the usual. Was trying to get a little writing done but somehow never seemed to actually DO anything useful. I can't even remember what I made for dinner. But we did watch (twice) what has now become officially my favorite episode of Doctor Who EVER. Absolutely pitch-perfect from start to finish. My OTP, for sure.

I keep missing getting shots of the currently blooming Saguaros (a sign of late May), so here's some of the white "dish" cactus flowers, which are similar but much, much larger:

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday. I caught up on two weeks' worth of Craig Ferguson. I wish I had a way of saving some of those, because there were some great ones, but since my Tivo won't talk to my computer anymore, until I can really figure out how to USE the DVD-R, I have to clear them out once they're seen. But his discussions with Kenneth Branaugh and Lawrence Block; also liked Jeff Goldblum and Geoffrey Rush -- and that comic/musician, Tim Minchin, was HILARIOUS. Must look up more of his work.

I was going to complain about the new layout, but right in the middle of this post, as I'm working, it's gone back to normal, including the nice pencil in the tab rather than the generic "head." Although it doesn't look like it's that way everywhere. Will reserve judgement (but definitely prefer the classic look... then, I still click "classic view" when I open Control Panel).

Infant mortality in the Great Depression - and they were able to afford this headstone:

Monday was surprisingly fast. And I honestly forgot that it was Monday, so I have to say this new layout must work, because I didn't even notice heavy work or anything (of course, I expect this to change once we're processing mail for the entire Western side of the US, including Hawaii and Alaska). And now that we're doing real work, it all seems to be going along smoothly. So -- worries put aside, so far, so good.

Just as sad, but earlier (so more elaborate):

And who names a kid Oakley?

So today we were installed in our new section as official Researchers, and I helped all the newbies and together we cleared out all that backlog. Hooray. I did determine I need a little portable box of supplies (pens, markers, etc.) so I can carry it in and out with me every day (I may have to start carrying a backpack again); today I brought all my notes from my old desk so I could look things up more easily than with their spanking new laminated sheets which lack some important things I needed every day. They kept bringing me paper research for things that need to be identified quickly (shocker, we DO still need that, as I've always said).

So now, having had a pleasant dinner and a slab of very nommy watermelon, am watching the season closer of NCIS and feeling pretty good. I do need to write, though.
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