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Well, I can't say I wasn't warned

Well, things certainly picked up.

A) I have a job. I was given a "reasonable job offer," basically keeping my current position as a researcher on the new team at the Service Center. Groovy.

B) My new supervisor team was impressed with my knowledge and by Wednesday afternoon I was one of the trainers and no longer a trainee.

C) There will still be work at the old office until eight days have passed (the standard "keep" time for documents before shredding), plus of course all the research that's been piling up since Monday, so I've been working overtime all week (work in the old office, training in the new), plus slowly cleaning out the GIGANTIC amount of stuff in my desk/cubicle, and so... BUSY. Much better than Monday and Tuesday! (In fact, on Thursday one of the trainers from Corporate came and asked me, "Who does most of the research in your office?" and I responded, "That would be me." She nodded knowingly and said, "Ah, that explains why there are almost 500 batches in there." I got it down in the 200 range today, but I'll be busy next week as my new Research team is trained--and was pleased when the other corporate trainer, who's going to be running the Research class, asked if I was going to handle that for him. Hah.)

So there it is. All good, so far. Except today I didn't get my lunch box out of the big fridge before the "THIS REFRIGERATOR IS CLEANED ON FRIDAYS AT 3 PM. ANYTHING LEFT INSIDE WILL BE THROWN OUT, NO EXCEPTIONS," and when I went to get it... oops. Well, I can't say I wasn't warned. (There are three large fridges, each with a similar sign with different days--Monday, Wednesday, and Friday--and even in the training classes we were warned!) I'd only had that lunch box about a month. Plus two cans of Diet Coke w/Lime and the sandwich I made but didn't eat because we went out. *SIGH*

Anyways, I haven't taken any new pictures, but I spent yesterday and today archiving the pictures I've used so far this year -- and seriously, I should have done this sooner, since I used two of them twice, so I'm glad I had more than a few "bonus" shots!), and I haven't taken any new ones, but there's plenty still in the files for

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