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OMG So Bored

So. I've spent the last two days in a "training session" which largely has meant listening to a lecture and watching PowerPoint slides on a job which I've done for the last nine years.

*snore* *drool a little* *snore*

We asked if we experienced folk could be excused to help with the enormous amount of work piling up back at the office (where a skeleton crew struggles to keep on), but we were told they want us "all on the same page." In other words, three days of training to assimilate the about half-hour's worth of changes which are going to be made in the overall job.


The little group I'm lunching with have to at least keep humor on our side. Today my computer-mate and I (a wonderful flamboyant fellow) talked about Evil Dead movies and sang songs from Victor Victoria under our breath. Grab the fun where you can. We're sharing computers because there aren't enough for the entire training class--even more fun, when the training isn't even hands-on.


They haven't made the final cuts yet. Soon, we're guessing. I'm at least on the Research team, and most of the others in my team assure me I'm probably the lead, but I'm not counting any chickens, there.

And so....

I couldn't get a clear shot of the carving on some of these, so worn were they:

One more day of training in general, then more intense research training (I REALLY hope I'm the one they were saying would be helping with the training, rather than being trained some more myself, because I think my brain might melt and ooze out my ears soon otherwise).... I sure hope we get some finality on this soon!

Must sleep now.
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