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On Writing

Yesterday (or the day before), the fellow who writes and draws Gunnerkrig Court tweeted the following:

Every day I don't man up and do this full time is another day closer to my grave I'm going to regret.

I re-tweeted it because it made me think. And I thought to myself that while in the years since I first took Ring of Fire from an award-winning potential novel through so many revisions and rewrites that I'm not sure it's that same book anymore, I no longer have anything that's immediately "submission-able." But on the other hand, I have a great many stories I have told in the same universe, and perhaps it's time (and in the right time) to start up a real writer's blog where I can post said stories and perhaps build up even a tiny audience so I have that to add when Ring of Fire is once again in a state where I feel I can submit it to a real publisher. So I'm kind of looking at blog sites and trying to decide which one I can afford and which one might be good for what I'd do; and maybe if I did have a place like this, I'd actually produce MORE, especially if I have an audience, even a small one. (One person constitutes an audience.)

So anyway...

Pixar v. Dreamworks

If Summer Movie posters told the truth (the lovely and snarky queenofattolia tweeted that one, and it gave me a laugh).

Adorableness, squared.

And last, but not least: Inappropriate humor.

This afternoon we watched Star Trek: Nemesis for the first time. I've put off watching it because of the enormous amount of bad press it got, but after seeing it, I was struck with a mild curiosity. Why is this movie so reviled? It's not as bad as some Star Trek movies (Lord, no); it's not the best, certainly, but it's a fairly inoffensive action-packed long episode of The Next Generation with a little humor and some good solid Picard-As-Action-Hero bits. Certainly, it's no Wrath of Khan, but no Star Trek movie yet has been. It would have been BETTER if James Marsters had gotten the Picard-clone role, but other than that? Eh, not a wasted afternoon, at least. I might have been madder if I'd seen it in the theatres, I guess.

This cat really can sleep anywhere, any way...

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