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Another Doctor Who Caturday

Feeling very lazy today, although we got up early and finally finished the fence in the front yard.

We had done the side facing Fairmount Ave a long while back (as seen on Google Maps), but while we had nearly all the parts to finish, we just never seemed to get around to it. This last two weeks, though, we did. We set the posts last weekend, let the cement cure, and pulled the fencing this morning.

It's still open along the driveways, but eventually we'll close it all in with nice gates and then the dog can run around out there without his long leash on. (Although he will have to be supervised; whether or not he could jump a 4-foot fence, I don't want him digging up the garden.)

For Caturday:

Also good for Caturday...

I'm working on this -- I have four succulents now and some rocks, I plan on a few more cacti eventually.

I did make the discovery that in order to sell cactus Home Depot WILL glue dried flowers to them to make it appear they are in bloom. At least it still appears to be a nice healthy cactus, even if it didn't have any of its own flowers on it. I THINK the little pink one is its own flower, but the way it dried out, I'm not sure; I got that one at a drug store, and if that flower was glued on, it was a better job than the Home Depot one.

Finally felt good enough about the Doctor to dig out Series Four and re-watch Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead. Better than I remembered, although Ten was already veering strongly to the mopey side, and I'm astounded at how much I now like (LOVE) River Song. Goes to show, I suppose. Then we re-watched Day of the Moon and did some cheering. Am eager for lighthearted filler Curse of the Black Spot today, though. Just in time for the next Captain Jack movie.

Then I watched the Fringe season finale this morning. OMG. Just... OMG. Now what?!? I believe they HAVE gotten another season, right? So... NOW WHAT?!?!?
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