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It's for the vacation, it's for the vacation, it's for the vacation...

Last night at roughly 11:23, Bo started to whimper about something. He shocked me out of a deep sleep (possibly into REM, not sure if I remember), but as often happens when I'm startled out of that state, after dealing with the dog who actually DIDN'T want to go outside (not sure what he did want) in a highly grumpy fashion (sorry, Bo), I couldn't get back to sleep. In fact, I was wide awake, exhausted, and getting grumpier and more depressed by the second. My now-awake idiot-side brain was whimpering and wailing internally about the work situation while intelligent-side was trying to reason through some important points:

First, while I AM remaining at the same company, it's going to be like a whole new job. New facility, new office, new managers, new upper management (we're no longer going to be under the Zone umbrella, but instead under Corporate); it's a NEW JOB. Of course there's new things. But some of the things I've learned just make it harder -- the no-cubicle setup is to keep people from wasting time on the Internet; which is all well and good, but apparently they don't even want us to have the IntRAnet open, or Outlook, either. No contact with even the interior world, much less the outside world. So why did they give us a business need for the Intranet and Outlook if we weren't going to be allowed to have these things? Whole new job, I reminded myself. You won't need to be in contact with the people you're currently in contact with.

Second, there's really no one who will listen if you do make complaints; everyone you know, even in upper management, is under the Zone structure. They have no pull in Corporate, and it's not like Corporate is going to change any of this because their "survey study" determined this was going to be the best way to do this, and they will not change it now unless they make it tighter and use more temps, especially as long as the economy is in the tank. If regular employees get upset and leave, that isn't going to change things. It's going to be like this, so you might as well deal, because,

Third, and most important, you have 13 years here, and in two more years, you get 20 days of vacation annually (not to mention the excellent benefits package, the 401K, and . Plus, there is every possibility you will get a Lead position and the Leads get their own desks (which doesn't help the regular folks, but hey). Plus, this office is much closer to home, so less gas and less wear on the truck.

At least once I did get back to sleep I slept uninterrupted the rest of the night, although woke up still pretty exhausted, and of course skipped the gym. *sigh* My long-suffering wife got up and turned on the air conditioner, so we've turned that on by Cinco de Mayo (May 5th). Gets earlier every year (we used to make a stand that it didn't get turned on until June. That's harder and harder, when daytime temps are already in the 100's.)

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