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A Place For My Stuff

Is something I will not have when we move to our new offices. In order to further this "increased productivity" and whatnot that inspired the whole consolidation to begin with, our new office space appears to be four major "stations" for each thing we normally each do at our own desks -- with no more assigned cubicles, just a "walkup" workspace to do whatever you happen to be assigned that day.

I have 13 years' worth of accumulated cubicle junk, including holiday decorations and all my toys, as well as two calendars which are of course only up to May. *sigh*

I hope they re-think this...

Yesterday morning when I weighed myself, I was down (yikes) to 178. Yay, I thought, I’m making progress – that was 4 pounds lost last week. This morning when I got up I was 181. Okay, not terrible; still a two-pound loss. But I was tired and went back to bed for a while instead of going to the gym, and when I got up an hour later, I was 186. Either my body is weirder than I thought, or my scale needs new batteries.

I am training myself to drink unsweetened tea. Sometimes it’s wonderful. Sometimes it’s not. It definitely goes extremely well with scones and jam, as well as cookies.

Speaking of jam, queenofattolia’s jams are THE BOMB. Seriously. I never much liked strawberry jam, but hers I wish to heap on things (or even plain). I held myself to two scones per day, a very simple breakfast, with unsweetened green tea. But I mean, really, really good jam. If she does begin a business, then I highly recommend buying them. Nom.

That said, I WILL lose weight this year. I WILL.

And since it was Caturday, and a good one, I'll choose some cat somewhere...

Behold the Incredible Cat Burrito! He did this to himself, burrowing in the fresh clean dog bed:

And then Bo went in to check out his clean digs, and he had an uninvited guest:

Here's one of the info plaques which decorate the Chinese Garden:

Osama Bin Laden = WOW. I was surprised at the depth of my feelings; like all Americans I have that sensitive spot which is September 11, 2001, but being from the West Coast, I have to admit, for us it has faded quite into the background, and Bin Laden himself has become something of a "well, he got away, didn't he?" figure -- and now it's all there again, the feelings I had right on that day, along with a big "YES!" I should never celebrate the death of another human being, but it's entirely possible that by choosing to do something like he did he forfeited the right to be called a human being. I hope he was met on the other side by Mohammad, Jesus, and Allah, and they all just shook their heads at him as he was sent to wherever the truly evil must spend eternity. "No, you just didn't get it, stupid."

And now I REALLY have to finish up with my writer's critiques.
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