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I did it! Four Merle Haggard reviews and one Jonathan Elias, all in my webmistress's email box on time. Whew. Fortunately, she put off the Robert Earl Keen discs until next week. Most of these are re-releases (which is why there are so many) and putting up "The Essentials" on the web site -- since I'm the one with the most Merle in my collection, the bulk of the reviews fell to me. With Robert Earl Keen, they've reissued his first disc, and after listening to it, I now understand why he has such a large, fanatical (and somewhat pretentious) underground following (it was this large, fanatical fandom who deeply insulted the other reviewer on our site who likes Texas music, and she declined any further reviews of REK lest she come under fire again). REK is totally cool. I mean, I have two of his more recent discs, and they're good, but his debut was just totally awesome.

My shoulder hurts. I'm not sure what I ever did to it.

My Mom is in Vero Beach, Florida. She called to say they were well-stocked and ready and battened down, but if they have to leave she'll let us know. Yikes. And, oh, yikes.

I've been having severe chocolate cravings. Watching large amounts of the Food Network never helps with that.
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