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The days, they do fly past

Let's see... Sunday was lovely, we had a lot of nice food with Barb's mom over, I colored eggs and made up a little basket for a centerpiece. There was ham, potatoes and carrots, greens, and bread.

Then came Monday, Tuesday, and Today. Wows.

This was dinner:

There is a Meeting tomorrow morning. We suspect they may FINALLY tell us about our jobs. I am in a pessimistic "I will be laid off, I know it" sort of mood, although the word that they're giving people who DON'T get "viable job offers" from within the company are being given severance packages worth $100 per week of employment (and since I've been working there just over 13 years, that's a pretty hefty package), I doubt they'd let me go if they HAVE a spot I could fill, so I'm worrying needlessly, but I've learned in recent years that Ben Franklin's "be a pessimist" homily was pretty spot-on.

As the orchids fade and leave those trees green with little bean pods all over them, the palo verdes explode with golden flowers (and those blossoms scatter all over the pavement, making me wonder if that's how the southwest got tagged with the "streets of gold" thing) and the jacarandas are a riot of beautiful purple! (I need to get a closeup of one -- they really do have beautiful flowers, and they're EVERYWHERE!)

An attempt to catch the rising moon -- not completely successful; I seem to need some better lenses for this kind of thing...

Sad, neglected little baby grave... she wasn't even a year old, and died back in 1955. I wonder if anyone tends her?

Have worked out twice this week (Tuesday and Wednesday). I would have done so Monday but I was trying to get something done Sunday night (a giant SNARL in my crochet work), so didn't even get to bed until almost 11, so decided to sleep in. I might as well have gotten up, since the animals determined I should be up, anyway.

I'm trying VERY HARD to curtail my caloric intake this week. It is NOT easy. Last night I made a casserole with ground turkey, broccoli, peas, and whole grain cous-cous that came out well.

John Connolly's The Gates is more fun than any book I've read in ages. AWESOME. Example:

The title, "Scourge of Five Deities," which Nurd had come up with all by himself, was technically true: Nurd had been something of a bother to five different demonic entities, but they were relatively minor ones: Schwell, the Demon of Uncomfortable Shoes; Ick, the Demon of Unpleasant Things Discovered in Plug Holes During Cleaning; Graham, the Demon of Stale Biscuits and Crackers; Mavis, the Demon of Inappropriate Names for Men; and last, and quite possibly least, Erics', the Demon of Bad Punctuation.

If you do read it, and I highly recommend it, you MUST read all the footnotes. Absolutely integral to the story, and funny (and educational) as well.
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