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The Farmer's Market, A Loaf of Bread, and Doctor Who

Got up early this morning, started up a load of laundry, then headed north to the big Farmer's Market, where I spent a lot of money on fresh organic veggies, local honey, and hand-made essential oils-based soaps. We met up with sillymagpie and brought the dog, got to see some Canadian geese make a landing on the pond there, Bo met a lot of other dogs, and a nice time was had by all before it got too warm.

We came home, put things away, hung up the laundry, and undertook the task of cleaning out the refrigerator. There were numerous things which were old-ish, but nothing that was taking on a life of its own. I never did find what was making things smell off, but at least it's all clean now, and three separate jars of chopped garlic are condensed into one, as well as three jars of raspberry chipotle BBQ sauce.

Then we did Mom's shopping and hit Costco for our Easter ham and some other things, including a few more fans for the house, a necessary item while we prepare for air conditioning time.

Tried to do the vacuuming and found the hose was completely blocked up with dog-and-cat fur (enough to make a few more kittens) and cleaned THAT all up (why is it that things which clean other things get so filthy themselves?). Watched a few of the backed-up Craig Fergusons piling up on the DVR, and then...


So happy with this episode. Nothing spoilery, but it is nice to have a writer on that show who remembers the Doctor does not necessarily live his life linearly to ours, and he might wander off and age several hundred years to our few brief ones (always very annoying with Ten and Davis. Started at 900 and ended at 904? Uh... why?). And finally, finally, I understand why folks love River Song. I know everyone else loved her, but I just didn't warm up to her in previous episodes and found her kind of annoying. Now I understand. Took me a while, but I'm there. And Amy & Rory, together am awesome. Of course, I know every time a new Doctor Who comes out I'm all gushing with joy, but hey.

Stetsons are cool.

And I meant to make this icon AGES ago, so I did not get the idea from what River said. Honest.

It was so beautiful rising I wanted to catch it on film, but as good as my little camera is, it's not GOOD ENOUGH to get some serious detail on something like this:

Probably not, but this was one of the many many many veteran graves there:

Then had noodles and more Chinese goulash, some nice talk, a slice of an obscenely delicious cake that sillymagpie brought from Chompie's (Jewish deli), and am now relaxing in front of the South Park marathon.
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