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Don't ask me why. I don't know. It was a pretty good day. I was praised for assisting a gaggle of new temps with patience and good grace (amazing for me, I know), and for assisting the badly backed up research queues of the Pacific Northwest. Chatted some with one of the operators up there who is thinking about moving down here during the consolidation--and did ask how the weather was. Ha Ha. It's already staggeringly hot here, I'm sleeping under only a sheet, and it's only the middle of April. Urgh.

sillymagpie has been coming over once a week to MAKE me write (while she does the same); as a result, some more work on The Long Way Home has actually been accomplished.

This is part of the garden in front of the Chinese Cultural Center (COFCO) in Phoenix:

I missed it by about a week -- when I WANTED to get over here to take pictures, those trees were LOADED with pale purply-pink blossoms (they're orchid trees, but in the setting from a distance they do a fine job of emulating cherry blossoms):

The stone balcony and windows behind Kuan Yin there belong to the Golden Buddha, a nice restaurant where they serve dim sum on the weekends.

I've been getting odd comments on old old old LJ posts (like, 2008), from LJ users who don't seem to have profiles or journals of their own. It's WEIRD. And they're nice, pleasant comments, not trollish or anything, usually complimentary. But I don't know who these people ARE...

Tomorrow Skynet begins the assault on humanity. John Connor, where are you?
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