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I Iz Defective

It was a pretty good day. Got in a workout this morning, work was so busy the day shot by, there was a yummy dinner, and yet, here I sit feeling... blah. I don't know why I'm cranky, but there it is. Part of it may have been how much the scale says I've GAINED -- Super Fat Slug, Away! And yet I've been really hungry, all day, and am sitting here now Wanting Something. GAD.

This one was cool. And looks like only one person is buried there now:

Closeup of the tombstone:

Looks like the wife is still alive -- and closing up on 100 years old, provided, of course, she hasn't remarried and been buried somewhere else in the 40+ years since the husband died... (this kind of stuff fascinates me).

I should do some writing, but I'm not even doing that (unless blogging counts).
Tags: food, photos, weight, writing
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