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Another Caturday Gone By

Yesterday was Sean Patrick's 148th birthday. I'm not sure what he was doing, since I'm currently editing parts of his life which occurred back in the 40's, but I'm sure it was something fun and expensive.

Me, I drove clear back out to Chandler for the dedication on the Habitat for Humanity house my company helped fund, received the plaque for our contributions, said a few stumbling words (like, "I'm filling in for the person who was supposed to be here because she had to work and I was willing to make the drive"), then stayed long enough to be polite, eat a few bites from the lovely spread that was provided, then headed home to do some more laundry and clean at least some of the things.

We went to Home Depot and then picked about ten or eleven bags full of grapefruit. There's still more grapefruit up there. I wonder if I can afford, later this year, to have these trees cut way back -- professionally. Barb and I have done it in the past, but I'm getting too old for this stuff.

I loved the way the sun was shining on these, they were bright as diamonds:

I made a crock pot full of shredded BBQ chicken for dinner, and made up some really, really GOOD hard rolls (I didn't have gluten flour, but worked with a dough relaxer instead, which seemed to have lightened them well enough); bolillo rolls may have worked better with the shredded meat (since with a hard roll the filling tends to fall out when one bites), but some of us used fork and knife while others just did two open-face halves instead, and all was yummy. tiirz brought cookies and we played a tough round of Killer Bunnies.

These are the last remaining Chihuly sculptures at the Botanical Gardens; with a combination of donations, they were purchased as a permanent display:

Up FAR too early on Sunday morning, thanks to an annoying bunch of animals. Now they're sleeping, of course.

These were among some of the more bizarre stones in the Double Butte Cemetery -- they appeared to have been hand-made, and are tough to read, but seem to have been made of concrete. Not sure how they were painted or with what. I think the dates are 1920 to 1959.

I don't know if The Tudors concluded or was canceled; they seem to have been setting things up for Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth to take over as the major characters (they, too, of course, were Tudors)--especially Mary, but I know this is the final season and it ends with Henry's death. I would have liked to have seen it go on at least into Mary's reign; so much has already been done with Elizabeth (and that could have taken a series on for another decade). But I'll see in just a few more episodes. I'm sure I'll finish it today. He just married Catherine Parr.
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