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Writer's Block: Next stop: Hollywood

Which book that you've read would make a great movie, and why? Who would you pick to play the main characters?

I had to think about this, because they've already made a number of my favorite books into movies, and as I thought there were many cases where it was done brilliantly (i.e., The Lord of the Rings), but then I thought that I would LOVE to see someone, somewhere, actually film A Little Princess without crap ruining the ending. This was my favorite book as a child and DAMMIT, Captain Crewe is DEAD. DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. He won't mysteriously come back from the grave as he has done in every movie remake. I would love to see this movie done properly, with all the Victorian bells and whistles, and a little girl cast as Sara who actually LOOKS like Sara (as Shirley Temple definitely did not, and neither did blonde Liesel Matthews in the 1995 attempt).

I want to see a telling done holding true to the book, where Sara does end up triumphant without Captain Crewe coming back from the dead, and Miss Minchin still running the school albeit maybe a little more humble...

With that in mind, of course I'd cast Naveen Andrews as Ram Dass. Would have to do a search for Sara ala the Search for Scarlett. And Liam Neeson as "the Indian Gentleman" (Thomas Carrisford).
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