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I have a terrible headache in my eye

It's the kind where the SKIN around my eye is actually rather sore, as well as the nerves beneath.

Getting home required a number of detours because of construction on Phoenix roads. At least one spot where I was stuck I got to watch a raven floating merrily on the afternoon breeze.

I stopped at Walgreens but the line at the pharmacy was about five million miles long, and alas, I have to go to the freakin' pharmacist to get my legal, OTC allergy medicine. I hate "punish-the-innocent" laws.

Then came home to find some complainy-pants in the neighborhood complained to the city about our overgrown lawn. *sigh* Hopefully all the yard work we did this weekend will take care of it, but in the meantime, I'll fret. Especially since the sun cloth over my driveway is all wind-ratty and needs to be taken down, and one of the pine trees in the back (which can be seen from the street) has a lot of dead branches on it. There are a LOT of larkspur in the front yard, too, which kind of looks like "weeds over 6" tall," but dammit, those are FLOWERS, and I like them, even if they haven't really started blooming yet.

Speaking of blooms, our pink rose bush out there has about nine million blooms on it.

The Boojum Tree:

Bonus, and a smaller one:

It occurred to me this weekend, in one of the many oddities of television and fictional characters and my brain, that while when I see David Boreanez I still think Angel, when I see Tony Head I think, Uther. I'm not sure precisely why this is. I've certainly had other actors "become" another character for me or are not so closely associated with any one character it's easy to see them as someone else (like, say, Mark Harmon, whom I've seen in a dozen things before he "became" Gibbs--yes, I'm watching NCIS right now). I never stopped seeing "Captain Archer" as Sam Beckett, yet, after only a few episodes, he became Steven Bartowski with no trouble at all.


Apr. 13th, 2011 05:04 am (UTC)
Whenever Tony appears on screen in Merlin, depending on his facial expression, my reaction is, "What's Giles doing..." or "What's Maurice doing..."

I need to rewatch The Invisibles soon.
Apr. 13th, 2011 01:52 pm (UTC)
I sometimes think I don't see him as Giles anymore for two reasons; the first being that the writers of BtVS destroyed the character of Giles utterly and completely in the final two seasons, and, B, no glasses. *g* (Not to mention Uther is so completely different a character and he plays him so, so, SO very differently.) Much like now I see Michael C Hall as Dexter, and not as David (although if I were to re-watch Six Feet Under again, that might change).

I never saw The Invisibles. Will have to check that one out! :)

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