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Remembering to do things is neat

I finally remembered to look up what the heck they're doing at the airport, and found out it's called the Phoenix Sky Train, a super-duper people mover that's gonna connect the light rail station on 44th and Washington to Terminal 4 and the long-term parking garages. Neato. And all the stuff that's making my commute suck lately is going to make it BETTER in the long run--widening the 143, improving the exits, etc; of course, by then I won't need it since I won't be going that way anymore. Figures.

Huh. Looks like I've finally run into one of those problems with LJ everyone's been complaining about but I haven't seen -- I can't get "Insert Image" to work, so Day 213 and 214 will have to be postponed.

On the good side, I did do some writing early this morning, but the evening was shot since we went to spend one of Barb's birthday gift certificates on a very nommy sushi dinner. Now brain is completely dead.

Perhaps sleep.

Still can't insert image. Phoo. Or preview the post. Figures. I hope I can post.
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