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Another Week Begins As Another Fades Away

What I really need to do is actually knuckle down and WRITE. Trouble is, my primary writing time used to be the afternoon, and now I'm working until 5. By the time I get home, do the daily chores, fix and eat dinner, then sit down to the computer, catch up on email, f-list, etc., it's freaking 8:30 already.

But anyway... I didn't get much done on Sunday, either, since we trotted out bright and early to the Arizona Botanical Gardens, which is an uber fun outing on any day, but this was a bright and sunny day, filled with photographic potential -- I came home with 151 shots. Digital photography has set me free. I always liked to take pictures, but the cost of film and developing was always problematical for me. Now I can just snap until I catch things I like, delete what I don't, and what do you know, I'm a photographer!

The cactus wren, the state bird of Arizona, In his natural habitat:

Everything (except the summer-blooming Saguaros) was in bloom, and the butterfly exhibit was open (it's not open year round, and it's a great treat when it is!):

Then we went to a little Indian restaurant where they had the lunch buffet out and I stuffed myself with tandoori and tikka and ground lamb, nommy veggies and rice, and these little doughnuts soaked in sugar syrup (I can't remember what they were called). The carrot halwa was nice, too. Absolutely bad for me -- I seem to have somehow GAINED weight despite having gotten back to a regular workout. I obviously need to cut my calories even more, but sometimes it's deeply frustrating to eat nearly nothing and still somehow come home from work with nearly 600 calories under my belt, and all I had was a bowl of shredded wheat, 1 pear, a Trader Joe's granola bar, celery sticks, and an Atkin's meal bar (these are surprisingly delicious).

For dinner I made chicken thighs w/hoisin sauce, baked, brussels sprouts steamed with carrots and onions, and cous cous. I did end with around 1200 calories. And remembered it's now iced tea season, so I made up a pitcher and I've just about finished it. Yum. Tropical green tea.

MUST get back to writing. MUST.
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