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Caturday, sweet Caturday

I woke up in a panic at around 6:30, then remembered with a grateful sigh that it was Caturday, and I had no place to be. Joy.

But eventually got up anyway to get a start on Cleaning All the Things. Managed to get some of them clean -- a little laundry, vacuuming, cat boxes, bed made, woot. Spent a few hours watching The Tudors and crocheting, ALMOST done with the Big Chenille Afghan, woot again. Ripped many CDs. Priced new Terabyte drives at CostCo. Went to a big Estate Sale that was mostly picked over, but OMG, the HOUSE. It was in the Camelback Mountain foothills, and I think we could have fit our house inside it at least twice (maybe even three times). Heck, the laundry room was bigger than our bedroom. There was even a gym and a movie room. All picked over and mostly empty.

Then to yummy Greek food for Barb's birthday celebration. Caturday rocks.

This time I stopped and got out of the truck to take some closeups with the sun on them:

I haven't seen one of these fellows at the pond near my office for a while:

Okay, it IS Caturday:

Only problem with ripping my library some more is a few discs that this machine won't read. Hmmm. And it stopping ripping Spinal Tap halfway through Cups and Cakes. I'll figure it out tomorrow...
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